anDarky - the God of GameDevelopment

god of GameDevelopment !

I am the world's greatest gameDeveloper on planet Earth! I started my entry into the programming industry with Basic, and then switched to Pascal, then Delphi... In the next time I switched and plunged headlong into Flash!
But then, more and more terrible news began to appear that the Flash technology would die soon... Well, then I began to look for new directions and chose Blitz3D, which had the structures and syntax of plain BASIC :) and after 2 years I began to master Unity3D!
At first I chose the JavaScript programming language as a basis, but later I realized that this was a big mistake, and then I had to master C # and the basics of object programming. And also began to master shaders. Then came the technology that made it possible to create WebGL I had to master web development : JavaScript, CSS, Php... and graphics library - ThreeJS